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My name is Patrick Hautrive

  • I am a living being and I was born in Paris France in 1963
  • I am single, eat vegetarian organic healthy nutritious whole plant food and speak English and French
  • I hope to find some day the little stone cottage or wooden house with some land, water, trees, birds, bees and sun all around, where I could live happily, peacefully, quietly and sufficiently with someone like minded who would share the same intention to create with nature and our love a Little Organic Sustainable Family Farm with Permaculture Principles and Buddhist Ethics


  • Peace Love Harmony Compassion Mindfulness
  • Free Software and Gnu/Linux Operating System
  • Vegetarian Organic Food Juicing Sprouts Cooking
  • Permaculture Home Grown Organic Garden Forest
  • Buddhism Vipassana Meditation Yoga Ahimsa Metta
  • Nature and Art, Freedom and Communication, Wisdom and Harmony


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