Picture of Patrick Hautrive

My name is Patrick Hautrive from France

  • I am a conscious living being and I was born in Paris France in 1963
  • I am single, eat vegetarian organic healthy nutritious whole plant food and speak English and French
  • I share with the world my creativity and consciousness through this personal website
  • I hope, I dream and I prepare myself to find some day the little stone cottage or wooden house with some land, water, trees, birds, bees and sun all around, where I could live happily, peacefully, quietly and sufficiently with someone like minded who would share the same intention to create with nature and our love a Little Organic Sustainable Family Farm with Permaculture Principles and Buddhist Ethics

There is a contact form all the way below this page if you wish to write to me. May all be well and free. May all be safe and happy. May all live with ease and in Peace.


  • Peace Love Harmony Compassion Mindfulness
  • Free Software and Gnu/Linux Operating System
  • Vegetarian Organic Food Juicing Sprouts Cooking
  • Permaculture Home Grown Organic Garden Forest
  • Buddhism Vipassana Meditation Yoga Ahimsa Metta
  • Nature and Art, Freedom and Communication, Wisdom and Engagement


Personal Internet Sites

  • Old site (with poems, curriculum vitae, portraits and other artefacts): http://hautrive.free.fr
  • New site (here): https://hautrive.wordpress.com/
  • Box Shared Link to practical and straightforward documentations :
      • on permaculture designs, concepts and techniques…
      • on growing organic food and cooking vegetarian dishes…
      • on nutritious health, vegetarian medical science and juicing…
      • on the spirit of our times
      • on yoga and meditation
      • as well as factual informations on climate change and the future collapse of our modern civilization, and ideas on how to make one’s own survival bag




Personal Profiles on internet